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Isunder Tech is a company that arose out of humble beginnings; Our three young Cofounders hoping to help the proliferation of electric vehicles.... Through research, we found that a concept called range anxiety was a key culprit limiting Electric Vehicle uptake and use.

Leveraging our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we looked at the weaknesses of the market in addressing this issue and created a solution – The Switched Mode Power e-motor. After hours upon hours of brainstorming sessions and market analysis, we came up with some key differentiators to allow us to succeed in a growing industry. Thus, Isunder Tech was belched forth.

At Isunder Tech, we manufacture (as well as install for retrofit services) smart, efficient and cost-effective electric motors and controllers for Electric Vehicle use.

about us

Our Mission

Accelerating the transport industry's transition from fossil propulsion to clean technologies.

about us

Our Vision

Solving the limitations of Electric vehicles through integrated, smart and efficient technologies.

Our Technology

Switched Mode Power Technology

Electric Vehicles are in high demand around the world as a pollution-free and clean means of transportation. When efficiency and range performance of an Electric Vehicle is of great concern, they are typically powered through the use of a class of costly electric motors; Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors.

However, Electric Vehicle technology has not gained widespread use because of high cost and inability to cover long distances per battery bank charge. to combat this problem, Isunder Tech proposes the use of an inexpensive, yet highly efficient and smart Switched Mode Power (SMP) e-motor that would replace the BLDC motor. the SMP motor has been engineered upon the foundation of a Switched Mode Power technology known for their high levels of efficiency. The SMP e-motor efficiency is increased and overall power consumption of the motor is reduced, thus providing enhanced range performance for your Electric Vehicle!

As the Electric Vehicle engine of the future, the SMP motor practically presents the advantages of an extended range performance over a smaller unit of battery bank size (making E-Vehicles more cost effective and affordable). With fewer batteries on-board, E-Vehicle will become lighter in weight, accelerate faster, smarter, recharge within a shorter period of time and cost lesser to manufacture.

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